Food: Flour Blend

Process Type: Batch Process

For the times when room temperature doesn't fit your process, Marion offers insulated mixers.   Need to get really cool?  Our options for injecting liquid nitrogen, CO2 or cooled air gives you the ability to meet your exacting requirements.  Pair these features with a #150 grit finish, state of the art safety measures and best-in-class cleanability, and you have a mixer that will exceed your expectations for decades to come.

Custom Options

Air Supply Manifold

Raise your hand if you’ve ever started a mixer before checking to see if the air pressure was turned on and flowing to the seals.
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Custom is what we do, and our covers are no exception.
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Tired of the same old dusting problems? Adhesive tape not staying put?
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Integral Jackets

Suitable for steam, hot oil or water, our ASME code rated jackets ...
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Liquid, Gas or Shortening Injection Manifolds

When you need to add product to the mixer in a unique way...
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Whether it’s U-shaped, Semi-cylindrical or Full cylindrical, functional design is dependent upon...
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