Lump Breakers That Reduce Particle Size Without Dust & Fines

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Some mixes start with fine particles, but others contain agglomerates that are too large for desired mix textures.

Marion’s new Momentum Series Lump Breaker mechanically de-agglomerates and de-lumps solids down to a maximum specific size for further processing, while also reducing wear and tear of other equipment and improving overall product quality and processing efficiency.

These industrial delumpers, or lump crusher machines, feature a rotating beater assembly that grates materials through a perforated screen. A variety of mesh sizes are available for different applications and ensure all oversized particles are broken down to a standard size.

This approach to particle reduction can be utilized prior to mixing or after mixing and provides a consistent output with a narrow particle size distribution and minimal generation of fine particles. Marion’s size reduction equipment operates in a continuous fashion for higher throughput.

Custom lump breaker options are available to meet the processing requirements of various applications and industries such as food, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and more. The Lump Breaker adheres to Marion’s strict safety and sanitary standards.

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