Momentum Series

Lump Breaker

The Momentum Series Lump Breaker offers high-capacity size reduction with a compact, low-power, easy-clean design. A rotating beater assembly grates material through a perforated screen, eliminating agglomerates for higher-quality output. Marion’s size reduction equipment offers consistent particle size within a narrow band while minimizing the generation of dust and fines. Various mesh sizes are available to suit a wide range of applications, including reducing particle size before or after mixing, intermediate sizing of product for improved drying and granulation prior to tableting, regrinding out-of-spec material for reclaim, pre-grinding prior to a secondary fine milling process, or accelerating dissolution in liquid reactors.

Low power consumption

Sanitary, easy-clean design with cantilevered shaft and easily removable, replaceable parts (e.g., gaskets, seals, screens)

Easily integrates into existing production lines before or after mixing

Customizable options include side hatches, loading hoppers, and floor stands

Available in materials and configurations to meet food, pharmaceutical, and industrial safety and sanitary standards

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Custom Options

Marion’s full line of custom options lets you partner with us to solve your process solutions.

From simple leg extensions to elaborate elevated work platforms, with OSHA-compliant stairs, railings and decking, we are your sole source for the design and fabrication of support structures.  If you aren’t quite sure what you want, that’s ok too.  We’ll share our extensive insight with integrated batch and continuous processing systems including conveyors, bin discharge units, feeders, pumps storage bins, tote mixers and hoppers to help create an advantage- for you.

Staying competitive in today’s world requires intelligence in and on all fronts. That’s why Marion Process Solutions has invested in an expert team of talent to create intelligent solutions through smart controls. iNCONTROL™ is much more than a control system capability. It’s a toolbox of resources and knowledge that will take your machine to the next level of performance. Your smart resource from day one.  At a minimum, all control packages include:

  • An enclosure with a NEMA or IEC rating depending on the application
  • A lockable service disconnect suitable for lock-out/tag-out devices
  • Fuse or circuit breaker protection
  • E-stop and safety limit switch circuitry where applicable

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