It's a Marion...

Since 1938, the commitment to excellence has been the hallmark of the Marion brand. We custom manufacture processing solutions designed to fit the specific requirements of one type of application - yours. When you partner with Marion Process Solutions, you choose American made… craftsmanship at its finest. It’s simple really, when you’re proud of your work, you sign your name to it.

You’ll find it on everything we build.

We Keep Good Company

Your needs aren’t off-the-shelf, so why should your process equipment be?
Companies around the world count on Marion Process Solutions to be their industry expert.

We Deliver


We are more than a manufacturer, we are problem solvers.  For nearly 80 years, we have partnered with customers in the development of custom solutions that leverage our experience in working with thousands of applications.


To be the industry leader, we have to constantly reinvent ourselves.  Find unique solutions in every new challenge. Look at opportunities from every angle.  Turn inspiration into ingenuity.  


Simply put, Marion Process Solutions creates a competitive advantage - for you.  Our passion for excellence provides you with an edge today, and for many years to come.