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Customers in Canada can rely on our distributor, Separator Engineering Ltd., for access to Kason and Marion products, technology and applications expertise

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The Marion Way: One Goal, Three Words

At Marion, we leverage our many years of insight to drive continuous innovation, focused on creating a competitive advantage for our customers that helps them win in the marketplace. Our approach to creating this distinction boils down to three simple tenets:


Marion combines industry-specific knowledge with unmatched engineering experience. The result: solutions tailored to each client’s processing challenges that deliver long-term, best-in-class performance.


Whenever the Marion Process Solutions team undertakes a new project, we ask ourselves: “How will this help our client set themselves apart from their competitors?” Keeping the client at the heart of each mixer’s design allows us to deliver a measurable return on investment for our clients. We take imaginative engineering and pair it with superior quality to provide built-to-spec, sustainable, efficient process solutions.


Marion consistently delivers long-term competitive advantage by providing end-to-end involvement aligned with consultative technical expertise and customer service excellence.

The Marion Way

Marion Process Solutions custom-designs, fabricates, and services process solutions that provide superior cost of ownership through performance. Our solutions save dollars by being more efficient, using less energy, processing faster, providing higher uptime, and reducing labor hours. Those savings can then be utilized elsewhere in our clients’ pursuit of excellence.

We truly believe that when we create a competitive advantage, we help create genuine value for years to come.

Everything your operation requires – consistent quality, product uniformity, processing speed, compliance, uptime, throughput – requires a partner who takes the time to truly understand your process before crafting a custom solution.

That’s Marion.


We Are Marion Process Solutions

TEAM. We are a team dedicated to our customers, suppliers, our community, and fellow teammates.

We understand the importance of a humble spirit combined with a healthy confidence. We give back before we expect to receive, and believe that one of the best investments we can make is in our local community. We’re also a team that holds each other accountable to be well grounded, knowing that when life is in good balance, excellence is the by-product.

Through the power of employee engagement, we are striving to create an environment that allows our teammates to give 100% effort to their responsibilities here at work, yet still have enough left in the tank to give the very best of who they are to their families when they return home.

Our wellness program is enhancing the health habits of many on our team, and our paid volunteer days are a highlight in giving back to our precious community here in Marion, Iowa and the surrounding area. And when a business is comprised of such exceptional teammates of character, it’s natural to empower and support them with the tools, training, and guidance that help them grow in all facets of life.

We make our product right here in Marion, Iowa. Our fabricators and machinists build their machines from scratch, and they own the result from start to finish. In fact, they even sign the machine before it leaves our dock, and they sign it with American-made pride that lifts all hearts.

Lastly – we tell each other first, put our name on it, consider it done, and all hearts are in the right place. These values translate into respect for others, pride in our performance, integrity, and trust – attributes that are in abundance within the family that is Marion Process Solutions.

Need Additional Solutions for Complex Bulk Solids Material Processing?

The May River family of process equipment manufacturing brands: Cablevey, Spiroflow, Kason, and Marion, offers industry leading advanced material handling equipment and engineering capabilities to address your most complex bulk solids material processing needs.

Finally, we believe in quality, integrity, and honesty. To us that means promises made, promises kept.