Parts and Service

O-Ring vs. Tape Gaskets

Oh, you didn't buy a Marion? Hmm. Well, we're not going to say I told you so, but now you know why it's the little things like door gaskets that make all the difference. And, it's why the Marion Performance Group still has the parts, services and processing solutions that will help you optimize even your non-Marion equipment. We'll also help you understand why you'll want to buy a Marion the next time. Seriously.

Extend the Life of Equipment Through Repurposing and Renewing Mixers

Upgrading, refurbishing or repurposing an old mixer is a great way to extend the life of your mixer for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. Often, it’s difficult to tear out and replace a mixer in a complex installation, or you can’t afford the downtime involved in putting in a fully new mixer. Another common reason for upgrading is to improve the overall environment in your factory. Refurbishing doors, installing replaceable gaskets and improving seals are all ways you can minimize air contamination. There’s no reason to put up with hazards to your employees’ health or combustible powders in the air.

Marion can replace agitators, motors and other parts that suffer wear-and-tear over time. Even if it’s not a Marion mixer you purchased—we can almost always provide an upgrade designed especially for your needs.

Repurposing can involve replacement of paddle, ribbon or hybrid agitators with another type of agitator based on your changing needs. A new agitator can add a decade to the lifetime of an old machine or take a perfectly good machine with the wrong motion for your product line and repurpose it for a minimal investment.

Whatever improvements you need in performance, MPS provides superior service solutions for your processing equipment.