Customize Your Equipment with Options to Fit Your Application

Marion has built it’s reputation on making a solution that fits your processing needs, not forcing you into the solutions we have. Our offering of custom options allow you to tailor-make your mixer, blender, or any other process solution to help you need and exceed the challenges of your work.

Bag Dump Sifter


The Kason the KR3020-SS High-Capacity Batch Sifter is tailored for bag dumping operations directly into mixers and hoppers. Its distinct, low-profile, oblong shape features a practical bag resting ledge, making it an easy choice for batch operations.

  • Low-Profile Design (as low as 14.5” overall height)
  • Bag Resting Ledge and Hinged Dust Cover Assembly
  • All Stainless Steel, Sanitary Construction
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

Contact us for more details or visit the Kason Bag Dump Sifter Product Page

Paddle Agitator


Marion’s paddle agitator is designed for gentle mixing of solids of dissimilar size, shape, density, and viscosity. Materials travel in a 3D figure-eight pattern, constantly pulling from the end of the mixer to the middle for consistent mixing of product. Our paddle agitators can work effectively down to 20% of rated capacity, and are available welded, bolted, or a combination of both depending on the application.

Ribbon Agitator


Ribbon agitators are ideal for low-density, free-flowing materials that are of like size, shape, and density. The greater shearing action of an industrial ribbon mixer is a good fit for mixes with small agglomerates as well. The inner and outer ribbons of the Marion double ribbon agitator move product from end to end in opposite directions, blending by rolling material back and forth. The continuous helix of our double ribbon mixing solution has no gaps between flightings, providing uninterrupted product flow and eliminating the potential for pockets of unmixed or undermixed material.

Bolted Agitator


At Marion, we offer heavy-duty bolted agitators for abrasive applications where wear is a concern. Our durable bolted mixers offer the ability to swap old blades out with new, cost-effective replacement blades as needed.

Hybrid Agitator


Hybrid agitators combine the tumbling action of paddle agitators with the rolling pattern of ribbon mixers to create a double-reversing effect. This is ideal for materials that tend to mound in the center of the mixer, increasing energy transferred to ingredients and creating a more even mixing and product levels inside the trough during the mixing process. Marion’s hybrid agitators can be customized with paddle mixers or ribbon agitators on the inside or outside, depending on the application.

Welded & Bolted Agitator


For the most demanding applications, Marion offers innovative welded/bolted configurations. Replaceable paddle blades provide flexibility to account for routine wear, while welded arms allow for enhanced cleanability. Our heavy-duty welded and bolted agitator design is advantageous for abrasive applications and materials where frequent wear is a concern and thorough clean-out is required.

Fluidizing Agitator


Marion offers fluidizing paddle mixers for fast and gentle mixing. The fluidizing agitator uses large paddles with dual-directional sweeping movements, creating a fluidizing bed within the mixer. Direct contact with paddles is minimized as material is swept by moving air continually pushed both outwards and inwards in fluid mixing movements. The fluidizing agitator design offers fast processing, low maintenance and easy cleaning. Food-grade finishes are available to meet sanitary design requirements.

U-Shaped Trough


Marion U-shaped troughs are:

  • The largest in production capacity
  • The easiest to clean
  • The most commonly used

Semi-Cylindrical Trough


Our semi-cylindrical troughs are effective for:

  • Pastes or slurries
  • Reducing the degradation of fragile ingredients
  • Allowing for the mixing of oversized materials,
  • Mixing sticky or tacky material

Semi-Semi-Cylindrical Trough


Full Cylindrical Trough


Features of the full cylindrical trough include:

  • Agitator sweeps 360 degrees of rotation
  • Largest contact surface area for heating or cooling
  • Appropriate for vacuum or low pressure applications

Integral Jackets


Suitable for steam, hot oil or water, our ASME code rated jackets with optional external insulation provide a reliable solution for products that need to be heated or cooled during the mixing process.

  • With the addition of heat, a mixer can be used to cook, dry or create a chemical reaction.
  • When cooling, the benefits include chilling, freeze drying or the ability to stabilize a chemical reaction.
  • Marion Process Solutions has experience in working with applications that require temperature ranges from +600ºF to -20ºF.



Marion seals feature:

  • Air-purged single and double-lip options
  • Superior performance over rope packing
  • Disassembled, cleaned and re-installed within 5 minutes
  • Less expensive than mechanical designs

“F” Style Seal


Marion Style “F” 6” diameter adjustable seal housing assembly

  • Easily disassembled seal housing provides access for cleaning and maintenance
  • Minimized pocket size inside mixing vessel for reduced material build-up
  • All pneumatic components plumbed and regulated
  • Offers proven quality over rope packing seals and are less expensive than mechanical seal designs
  • Advantage of seal disassembly, cleaning and re-installation in less than 10 minutes
  • Proprietary to Marion Process Solutions

Mechanical Seal


Solutions available upon request

Air Supply Manifold


At Marion, we offer innovative and durable SealGuard™ air supply manifold technology to prevent costly seal damage. Acting as an insurance policy that ensures air pressure is on and flowing to the seals prior to mixing, it is a simple yet effective component of preventive maintenance that will ensure your industrial mixer is performing optimally.

High Speed Choppers


A superior product may be achieved by installing a chopper that provides the ability to blend and disperse in one operation. Mounted through the sides of the mixer trough, the agitator continually brings material into the chopper zone while mixing. Various styles of cutting edges on the intensive 3600 rpm chopper blades rip apart and circulate lumps and agglomerates, break up liquid-rich shot balls, open matted fibrous materials, and distribute pigments. Sample chopper applications include:

  • Mixing agglomerated pigments into plastic powder by dispersing the pigment and developing the color
  • Mixing resin into compacted asbestos, synthetic fiber, or fiberglass by allowing the resin uniformly penetrate and coat the fiber matrix
  • Blending blocks of solid shortening (or liquid shortening) into bakery mixes  PVC resins, oily plasticizers, fillers and pigments
  • Blending dry pharmaceutical preparations with thick liquid binders to break up liquid-rich lumps and coat particles to produce a homogenous, compactable mix
  • Dispersing colored pigments into grout/cement mixes



Custom is what we do, and our covers are no exception.  Doors, inlets, dust collection vents, threaded temperature probes and pressure relief ports are just a few of the endless ways our covers can be configured to meet your needs.  It all starts with safety and ergonomics.  Hinged doors that provide full-width access can be counter balanced and/or counter weighted, as well as cylinder actuated for easy opening.  The doors and safety grates located underneath are guarded by electrical interlock switches to prevent unsafe use.  



Marion O-Ring gaskets are made of a food-grade silicone material with the perfect durometer, and can be easily removed, cleaned and replaced.  See you later dusting- you’re a problem of the past.

Bag Dump


Whether you are emptying bags, boxes, drums or manually dumping materials by hand into your mixer, eliminating material waste and dust pollution or contamination is critical. Marion Process Solutions offers bag dump hoods to prevent product loss, eliminate contamination, and offer dust control. Available in stainless steel or carbon steel designs, the hood contains integral safety grates, a vacuum port, and baffled air flow.

Butterfly Discharge Valve


Our butterly discharge valve features:

  • Valve disc seals against resilient seat
  • Split body design for fast cleaning
  • Lever or pneumatic actuation

Knife Gate Discharge Valve


Features of this discharge valve include:

  • Closing against product flow
  • Reduced product pocket above valve
  • Appropriate for liquid, dust or vacuum

Roller Slide Gate Discharge


Features include:

  • Large opening for fast discharge rate
  • Flange mounted to bottom of mixer
  • Abrasion resistant design

Orifice Slide Gate Discharge


This custom feature offers:

  • Ease of use
  • quick disassembly
  • 304 stainless steel body and material contact
  • Positive material seal
  • Self-cleaning action on opening stroke
  • Available in 2” thru 8” diameter sizes

Flush Hinged Contour Discharge Valve


Our flush hinged countour discharge valve brings value to your solution with:

  • No product pocket above valve
  • Design and fabrication to match diameter of trough

Ball Valve/Spherical Disc Discharge Valve


This discharge valve features:

  • Sanitary, stainless steel design
  • Reduced product pocket above valve
  • Suitable for liquid, dust or vacuum


  • Cast iron body for rugged industrial applications
  • TEFC or explosion proof frame construction
  • Direct drive options configurations for industrial to sanitary applications- no belts, pulleys or excessive maintenance
  • High locked rotor torque for starts under load
  • Inverter duty for variable frequency drives if required
  • Motors designed for sanitary requirements

Drive Options

  • Shaft mounted with torque arm for precision alignment
  • Helical cut gears for speed and torque conversion
  • Dual tapered bushings for simplified maintenance



Staying competitive in today’s world requires intelligence in and on all fronts. That’s why Marion Process Solutions has invested in an expert team of talent to create intelligent solutions through smart controls. iNCONTROL™ is much more than a control system capability. It’s a toolbox of resources and knowledge that will take your machine to the next level of performance. Your smart resource from day one.  At a minimum, all control packages include:

  • An enclosure with a NEMA or IEC rating depending on the application
  • A lockable service disconnect suitable for lock-out/tag-out devices
  • Fuse or circuit breaker protection
  • E-stop and safety limit switch circuitry where applicable

Liquid, Gas or Shortening Injection Manifolds


When you need to add product to the mixer in a unique way, our liquid manifolds, shortening presses, liquid pumping units, and nitrogen blanket inlet ports can be the answer to your problem.  

Rinse-In-Place and Clean-In-Place


Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems are designed and installed to ensure efficient, automatic cleaning for each of our customer’s unique application and facility needs. Effective cleaning means minimizing cycle time, lowering chemical usage and reducing water and utility costs. Additional benefits include:

  • Improved hygiene
  • Enhanced product quality
  • A safer, more consistent sanitation plan
  • Reduced time spent on manual cleaning

Marion Process Solutions believes that CIP should be a holistic approach. It begins with the foundational element of simplicity in design, and is coupled with the correct selection and layout of appropriate cleaning devices to achieve optimal results.

Load Cells


Accurate batch sizes are a snap when utilizing integral load cells.

  • Industry-leading suppliers available
  • Value added integration allowing for batch weight consistency and process validation
  • Ability to incorporate with control package and have multiple cell readouts for ease of operation.

Support Structures


From simple leg extensions to elaborate elevated work platforms, with OSHA-compliant stairs, railings and decking, we are your sole source for the design and fabrication of support structures.  If you aren’t quite sure what you want, that’s ok too.  We’ll share our extensive insight with integrated batch and continuous processing systems including conveyors, bin discharge units, feeders, pumps storage bins, tote mixers and hoppers to help create an advantage- for you.

Surge Hopper


Marion Process Solutions custom engineered surge hoppers are the perfect solution for weighing, transferring and receiving material.  Fabricated out of carbon or stainless steel, these can be designed to effectively handle the really tough stuff, or for products that require the highest level of sanitation.  Accurate, low maintenance, flexible solutions for your processing needs.   

Bulk Bag Frame


Engineered for your specific needs, Marion’s Bulk Bag Loader is the ideal combination of form and function that results in a perfect solution for filling bulk bags or FIBC’s. Features include:

  • Sized for full-bag weight and dimensions
  • Can accommodate bags of various sizes
  • Designed for loss of weight unloading with accuracy of 2% to .5%
  • Under mixer, over floor scale, on pallet or integral load cells
  • Ability to integrate required inspection devices or magnets
  • Concentric discharge spool for displaced air to mixer cover or dust collection.

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