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As the industry leader in mixing and blending equipment for over 80 years, Marion has designed and fabricated custom processing solutions to clients across a wide range of industries worldwide.

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Every industry faces common processing challenges like consistent quality, product uniformity, speed, compliance, downtime, and throughput, as well as challenges uniquely particular to their market segment.

Marion Process Solutions is uniquely positioned to address process needs both common and industry-specific through our manufacturing and engineering teams, aftermarket service and customer support, and pre-purchase consulting and testing.

Here is a sampling of the industries that Marion Process Solutions has served over the years.

Marion Process Solutions is the only 3-A Authorized horizontal mixing and blending equipment manufacturer, and is well-versed in sanitary applications. Marion is a trusted food processing equipment provider, with customized solutions tailored to meet unique food applications’ needs and goals.

Marion’s solutions blend plastics and resins without damage, standardize large quantities of extruded material, and eliminate the carryover of color additives between batches. Marion Process Solutions offers consistency, durability, and cleanability that address the plastics industry’s greatest challenges.

Whether it’s pastes, epoxy, adhesives, gypsum, fiberglass, resins, or wood compounds, we have a mixer solution that will meet your needs and more. The Marion Process Solutions engineering team are your experts for virtually any mineral processing application, including building and construction, glass, sand, cement, concrete, and more.

With thousands of custom-designed mixers throughout the globe supporting chemical applications, the Marion Process Solutions engineering group has the know-how to create a performance driven design that will exceed your expectations. Whether corrosive or explosive, durability is key to a long-lasting solution, and our carbon or stainless steel designs fit the bill.

The biomass industry is expanding daily, and so is Marion’s set of solutions to support this explosive growth. Most biomass material is flat-out hard to move, and to achieve precise material feed while metering of concentrated liquids or solids, variable speed control is a must. Our Live Floor™ Hoppers, conveyor feeders, or continuous mixers have addressed the unique needs of customers throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Our patented WaveMix™ thermal processing solution let’s processors accelerate drying times by up to 99.5% without loosing quality, burning product or loosing byproducts all in a smaller footprint with increased energy efficiency. And that’s just one of our solutions for this rapidly expanding industry.

In the life science industry, compliance can be almost as important as processing. With Marion’s decades of experience in ensuring sanitary standards in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, we can help you design a processing solution that provides an optimal mix for results that exceed requirements.

In the coffee roasting and processing industry an increasing emphasis on green and eco-friendly practices is driving more energy efficient and cost-effective innovations in production equipment. Marion’s expertise in sanitary 3A mixing for coffee and multiple food and beverage applications combined with new microwave-assisted heating technology provides coffee processors what they need to deliver an optimal blend faster, more consistently and sustainably.

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