Momentum Series

Horizontal Fluidized Mixer

The Momentum Series Horizontal Fluidized Mixer offers an ideal mixing solution for processing delicate materials. Its patented conical shape offers easier and more complete material discharge that sets it apart from the competition. The design of its namesake paddle provides faster, fluidized mixing and sophisticated dual-directional movement that carefully handles materials such as bakery blends, nutraceuticals, detergent powders, and more. The mixer is also inherently easier to clean, promoting better drainage during cleaning and eliminating areas for residue buildup. Food- and pharmaceutical-grade finishes and customizations are available to meet application- or industry-specific requirements.

Combined inward and outward mixing movements cut mixing times in half

Reduces power costs on a per-tonnage basis

Sanitary design eliminates the need for air pressure cleaners while minimizing maintenance requirements and costs

Optional features such as load cells and liquid manifolds automate and improve throughput and consistency

Fully customizable design to meet unique processing requirements and comply with industrial safety and sanitary standards

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Custom Options

Marion’s full line of custom options lets you partner with us to solve your process solutions.

Marion offers fluidizing paddle mixers for fast and gentle mixing. The fluidizing agitator uses large paddles with dual-directional sweeping movements, creating a fluidizing bed within the mixer. Direct contact with paddles is minimized as material is swept by moving air continually pushed both outwards and inwards in fluid mixing movements. The fluidizing mixer design is ideal for delicate materials, offering fast processing, low maintenance and easy cleaning. Food-grade finishes are available to meet sanitary design requirements.

At Marion, we offer innovative and durable SealGuard™ air supply manifold technology to prevent costly seal damage. Acting as an insurance policy that ensures air pressure is on and flowing to the seals prior to mixing, it is a simple yet effective component of preventive maintenance that will ensure your industrial mixer is performing optimally.

A superior product may be achieved by installing a chopper that provides the ability to blend and disperse in one operation. Mounted through the sides of the mixer trough, the agitator continually brings material into the chopper zone while mixing. Various styles of cutting edges on the intensive 3600 rpm chopper blades rip apart and circulate lumps and agglomerates, break up liquid-rich shot balls, open matted fibrous materials, and distribute pigments. Sample chopper applications include:

  • Mixing agglomerated pigments into plastic powder by dispersing the pigment and developing the color
  • Mixing resin into compacted asbestos, synthetic fiber, or fiberglass by allowing the resin uniformly penetrate and coat the fiber matrix
  • Blending blocks of solid shortening (or liquid shortening) into bakery mixes  PVC resins, oily plasticizers, fillers and pigments
  • Blending dry pharmaceutical preparations with thick liquid binders to break up liquid-rich lumps and coat particles to produce a homogenous, compactable mix
  • Dispersing colored pigments into grout/cement mixes

Staying competitive in today’s world requires intelligence in and on all fronts. That’s why Marion Process Solutions has invested in an expert team of talent to create intelligent solutions through smart controls. iNCONTROL™ is much more than a control system capability. It’s a toolbox of resources and knowledge that will take your machine to the next level of performance. Your smart resource from day one.  At a minimum, all control packages include:

  • An enclosure with a NEMA or IEC rating depending on the application
  • A lockable service disconnect suitable for lock-out/tag-out devices
  • Fuse or circuit breaker protection
  • E-stop and safety limit switch circuitry where applicable

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