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Horizontal Continuous Mixers: Fast Mixing at High Quality

Continuous mixing offers gains in speed that are oftentimes lost to blend quality issues. With Marion’s horizontal continuous mixers, you can avoid that trade-off, as we bring decades of experience to your continuous mixing solution. Custom-built to meet your processing needs, our industrial mixers offer quality construction, proven technology, and dependable performance for years to come.

Material and finishes available to meet all sanitary or other requirements

Agitator and control flow options for the continuous mixing of certain slurries and viscous materials

Multiple custom options available

Lab and mix testing services available

Design, integration and aftermarket support

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Custom Options

Our full line includes options to customize your mixing equipment, giving you the flexibility to solve your unique process challenges.

3-A Compliant


At Marion Process Solutions, we take pride in being the only horizontal mixing and blending company that is 3-A authorized. We are committed to providing an efficient sanitary solution, with sanitary finishes and fits as well as 3-A certified incidental contact zones.

Support Structures


From simple leg extensions to elaborate elevated work platforms, with OSHA-compliant stairs, railings and decking, we are your sole source for the design and fabrication of support structures.  If you aren’t quite sure what you want, that’s ok too.  We’ll share our extensive insight with integrated batch and continuous processing systems including conveyors, bin discharge units, feeders, pumps storage bins, tote mixers and hoppers to help create an advantage- for you.

Bolted Agitator


At Marion, we offer heavy-duty bolted agitators for abrasive applications where wear is a concern. Our durable bolted mixers offer the ability to swap old blades out with new, cost-effective replacement blades as needed.

U-Shaped Trough


Marion U-shaped troughs are:

  • The largest in production capacity
  • The easiest to clean
  • The most commonly used

Air Supply Manifold


At Marion, we offer innovative and durable SealGuard™ air supply manifold technology to prevent costly seal damage. Acting as an insurance policy that ensures air pressure is on and flowing to the seals prior to mixing, it is a simple yet effective component of preventive maintenance that will ensure your industrial mixer is performing optimally.

Typical Horizontal Continuous Mixer Configurations

Marion has over 85 years of experience in mixing solutions. Here are a few examples of solutions we've made before; what will we make for you?

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