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The name Marion is synonymous with horizontal batch mixing. For over 80 years, we have set the standard by which all other mixers are measured. From our flexible and ready-to-work Heartland Ox, to a fully custom design based on your processing needs, Marion has the solution you need. Your industrial batch mixer will be the cornerstone of your process solution for decades to come, so choose wisely, and choose Marion.

Continuous Process Batch Control Mixing gives the speed advantages of continuous mixing, with the quality mixing of batch

Sanitary, food, pharmaceutical and other grade construction and materials available

Multiple custom size, input, output, paddle and other features available

Lab and mix testing services available

Design, integration and aftermarket support

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Custom Options

Our full line includes options to customize your mixing equipment, giving you the flexibility to solve your unique process challenges.



Staying competitive in today’s world requires intelligence in and on all fronts. That’s why Marion Process Solutions has invested in an expert team of talent to create intelligent solutions through smart controls. iNCONTROL™ is much more than a control system capability. It’s a toolbox of resources and knowledge that will take your machine to the next level of performance. Your smart resource from day one.  At a minimum, all control packages include:

  • An enclosure with a NEMA or IEC rating depending on the application
  • A lockable service disconnect suitable for lock-out/tag-out devices
  • Fuse or circuit breaker protection
  • E-stop and safety limit switch circuitry where applicable

Hybrid Agitator


Hybrid agitators combine the tumbling action of paddle agitators with the rolling pattern of ribbon mixers to create a double-reversing effect. This is ideal for materials that tend to mound in the center of the mixer, increasing energy transferred to ingredients and creating a more even mixing and product levels inside the trough during the mixing process. Marion’s hybrid agitators can be customized with paddle mixers or ribbon agitators on the inside or outside, depending on the application.

Rinse-In-Place and Clean-In-Place


Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems are designed and installed to ensure efficient, automatic cleaning for each of our customer’s unique application and facility needs. Effective cleaning means minimizing cycle time, lowering chemical usage and reducing water and utility costs. Additional benefits include:

  • Improved hygiene
  • Enhanced product quality
  • A safer, more consistent sanitation plan
  • Reduced time spent on manual cleaning

Marion Process Solutions believes that CIP should be a holistic approach. It begins with the foundational element of simplicity in design, and is coupled with the correct selection and layout of appropriate cleaning devices to achieve optimal results.

3-A Compliant


At Marion Process Solutions, we take pride in being the only horizontal mixing and blending company that is 3-A authorized. We are committed to providing an efficient sanitary solution, with sanitary finishes and fits as well as 3-A certified incidental contact zones.

Surge Hopper


Marion Process Solutions custom engineered surge hoppers are the perfect solution for weighing, transferring and receiving material.  Fabricated out of carbon or stainless steel, these can be designed to effectively handle the really tough stuff, or for products that require the highest level of sanitation.  Accurate, low maintenance, flexible solutions for your processing needs.   

Semi-Cylindrical Trough


Our semi-cylindrical troughs are effective for:

  • Pastes or slurries
  • Reducing the degradation of fragile ingredients
  • Allowing for the mixing of oversized materials,
  • Mixing sticky or tacky material

Typical Horizontal Batch Mixer Configurations

Marion has over 85 years of experience in mixing solutions. Here are a few examples of solutions we've made before; what will we make for you?

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