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Marion’s new Momentum Series V-Cone Blender and Double-Cone Blender provide high-quality blending action with the competitive edge customers expect from a Marion. As with all of our industrial blending equipment, each piece of Marion product is customized specifically for each application, improving processing results and reducing operating costs.

Marion industrial blenders utilize a gentle tumbling action unlike mixers, which have internal paddles or ribbon agitators. Tumble blenders have been used to process materials in food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, metal powder, glass, cosmetics, ceramics, and other powder applications.

Whether you’re in need of a blender that requires less headroom such as our Double-Cone Blender, or the shorter blending times that our V-Cone Blender is equipped to provide, Marion’s offering of industrial blending equipment can be fabricated to suit the most unique processing needs.

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