Experience Faster, More Efficient Drying with WaveMix™

The Marion WaveMix™ industrial drying system combines microwave, vacuum, and mixing technologies for a cost-effective, high-precision thermal processing solution. The WaveMix™ is the ideal choice for handling sensitive materials and for preserving the color, nutritional, and chemical value of materials. This technology has been utilized in a variety of industrial applications across a wide range of industries, processing materials such as carbon black, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, chlorine powder, dried foods and pharmaceuticals, food-grade gelatin, ceramic proppants, and green coffee beans.

Quicker, more efficient drying technology that eliminates case hardening and material loss caused by burning, overprocessing or underprocessing

Precise temperature control and management, with immediate adjustments possible during the drying process

Sanitary, easy-clean design

Safe: machinery does not heat up to dangeous temperatures, while nitrogen purging eliminates risks of fires or explosions and protects against potential pressure buildup and displaces inert gas

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Industrial Mixing, Heating and Drying

WaveMix™ unlocks your potential by using microwaves to generate returns in your application. Microwaving a fluid bed of product creates the advantage of shorter processing time, uniform material temperature and the flexibility to operate under pressure, vacuum, and/or nitrogen blanket. With WaveMix, your return on investment is easily calculated as test results translate directly into production equipment.

Two Configurations Available


10 - 200 cu. ft. capacity; power density of 0.118kW/lb; Torr of 200 or 740 (depending on size); maximum temperature of 400F. Customize your WaveMix to fit your processing needs.

0.528 cu. ft. capacity; power density of 0.15 kW/lb; Torr of 100; maximum temperature of 300F


Custom Options

Marion’s full line of custom options lets you partner with us to solve your process solutions.

3-A Compliant


At Marion Process Solutions, we take pride in being the only horizontal mixing and blending company that is 3-A authorized. We are committed to providing an efficient sanitary solution, with sanitary finishes and fits as well as 3-A certified incidental contact zones.



Custom is what we do, and our covers are no exception.  Doors, inlets, dust collection vents, threaded temperature probes and pressure relief ports are just a few of the endless ways our covers can be configured to meet your needs.  It all starts with safety and ergonomics.  Hinged doors that provide full-width access can be counter balanced and/or counter weighted, as well as cylinder actuated for easy opening.  The doors and safety grates located underneath are guarded by electrical interlock switches to prevent unsafe use.  

Full Cylindrical Trough


Features of the full cylindrical trough include:

  • Agitator sweeps 360 degrees of rotation
  • Largest contact surface area for heating or cooling
  • Appropriate for vacuum or low pressure applications

Paddle Agitator


Marion’s paddle agitator is designed for gentle mixing of solids of dissimilar size, shape, density, and viscosity. Materials travel in a 3D figure-eight pattern, constantly pulling from the end of the mixer to the middle for consistent mixing of product. Our paddle agitators can work effectively down to 20% of rated capacity, and are available welded, bolted, or a combination of both depending on the application.



Staying competitive in today’s world requires intelligence in and on all fronts. That’s why Marion Process Solutions has invested in an expert team of talent to create intelligent solutions through smart controls. iNCONTROL™ is much more than a control system capability. It’s a toolbox of resources and knowledge that will take your machine to the next level of performance. Your smart resource from day one.  At a minimum, all control packages include:

  • An enclosure with a NEMA or IEC rating depending on the application
  • A lockable service disconnect suitable for lock-out/tag-out devices
  • Fuse or circuit breaker protection
  • E-stop and safety limit switch circuitry where applicable

Typical WaveMix™ Configurations

Marion has over 85 years of experience in mixing, drying and other processing solutions. Here are a few examples of solutions we've made before; what will we make for you?

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