Efficient and Effective

Why choose one or the other if you can have both?  When it comes to plastics, polymers, and composites, the quality and performance of Marion Process Solutions is unmatched.  Whether your application is powders, flakes, pellets, or liquid coatings our talented team of experts will provide you with industry-specific advice that focuses on your needs, resulting in equipment that is tailor-made to meet the exacting requirements of this industry.

Consistency, durability, and cleanability - our solutions blend resins without damage, standardize large quantities of extruded material, and eliminate the carryover of color additives between batches.  Simply put, Marion Process Solutions is the answer to the plastics industry’s greatest challenges.

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Sample Applications:

  • Powdered epoxy resins
  • Polyethylene and pellet color concentrates
  • Plastic resins, powders, and fiberglass strands
  • Phenolic resins
  • PVC film with pigments
  • Thermoplastic elastomers

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