A natural choice

The biomass industry is expanding daily, and so is Marion’s set of solutions to support this explosive growth.  Moving, metering, and discharging biomass is a part of our world, and believe us - it isn’t easy.  Most biomass material is flat-out hard to move, and to achieve precise material feed while metering of concentrated liquids or solids, variable speed control is a must.  Our Live Floor™ Hoppers, conveyor feeders, or continuous mixers have addressed the unique needs of customers throughout the U.S. and abroad.  If there’s a problem you think is impossible to solve, reach out to our engineering experts and let’s talk.  We’re confident in our ability to design a solution that’s right for you.

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Sample Applications:

  • Conditioning for wood pellets
  • Mixing spent dried distiller grains
  • Blending potting soil mixes
  • Pretreatment and metering for bio-digesting
  • Metering for compost facilities

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