Process Solutions

Systems come in all shapes and sizes, but solutions only fit one type of application... yours.  At Marion, we believe in finding the perfect center for your process giving you full control.  It's decades of expertise that ensures you'll receive far more than a solid return on investment; you will create a competitive advantage in your industry.  Experience the exceptional value of our solutions - the smart decision for your smart facility.


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Our process starts and ends with you.  Whether it's bulk material unloading, conveying, precise powder or liquid dosing, a self-cleaning system or industry-leading PLC capabilities, our team of experts stand at-the-ready to design the right solution for your specific needs.  Marion's custom designed solutions are tailored to work in harmony with your operators.  We understand the critical balance between throughput, repeatability, energy and labor costs, and the myriad of other variables that influence efficient and effective operation.  Of course, no one understands your need for accuracy, flexibility, consistency and reliability better than you - so we listen first, then craft your solution that sits in the sweet spot of cost and performance.

Key highlights include:

  • Onsite discovery
  • Dedicated project team from concept to delivery
  • Full-scale acceptance testing
  • Setup and commissioning supervision
  • Ongoing life-cycle maintenance and support

Read more about the process and how we partner with you, below.

It starts with getting to know each other


At Marion, we know that choosing the right mixer or thermal processor is a process in and of itself. Marion Process Solutions provides a team of engineers and experts who help you navigate this decision. We’ll make a trip to your site, interview your team and research your needs. Together, we’ll investigate options, discuss configurations and customizations and run appropriate tests to make sure that we recommend the optimal solution for your production facility. The team at Marion Process Solutions is 100% dedicated to conducting superior discovery and engineering, testing and customization to ensure that every piece of equipment we sell is tailored for the specific needs of our customer.

Partnering with Marion Process Solutions allows you to leverage our experience in working with thousands of applications, to create a unique solution designed to fit the specific requirements of your application.

Custom-designed solutions

One of the secrets to our success at Marion is that all manufacturing and engineering is done in-house. You aren’t getting outsourced or white-label parts. It’s all made in the USA, with engineers and industrial designers who have mastered the art of process and design. We take pride in the work of creating custom designed solutions. Our equipment can be found on six of the seven continents, but it all starts in Marion, Iowa with our custom process solutions team.

Marion maintains a fully equipped manufacturing facility, so we can create custom mixers, thermal processors, accessories and parts to the exact specifications of our customers. When we get feedback from the field, we immediately go to work on creating better solutions. Breakthroughs such as our replaceable gaskets and seals are just a few examples of Marion’s ability to answer specific customer needs.

Solving the puzzle together


The great thing about Marion is that it gives you a place to go with any new formulations, difficult problems or optimization questions. Serving thousands of clients in a variety of industries gives Marion a broad view of cutting-edge solutions being put into action across multiple industries. We know there are always new challenges as technology develops and industries evolve, but no matter what the challenge, you can bet we’ve seen something similar. Working together provides superior custom process and design solutions for every industry and every application. There’s no reason to go it alone when MPS is your partner in processing.

When you’ve been at this as long as we have, it would be easy to say, “We’ve seen it all.” But with the speed of change increasing exponentially, that’s impossible. We listen. We discover. And we create custom solutions centered around your needs. We believe that providing insight is good business. Delivering innovation is critical business. Connect with us.