Your Applications

IT's ABOUT YOU - Really.

When you’ve been at this as long as we have, it would be easy to say, “We’ve seen it all.” But with the speed of change increasing exponentially, that’s impossible. Your business is shifting daily, and your needs follow right behind. So we listen. We discover. And we create custom solutions that are centered around your specific application for your unique needs.

And here’s a few examples. In 2012, we saw where sanitation was headed, so we became the only 3-A Authorized horizontal mixer company in the world. We’ve also seen firsthand the beating that mixers take when supporting mineral and biomass applications, so we add features that create exceptional durability, while keeping your financial considerations at the forefront. And we understand the unique nuances of mixing minerals and plastics, knowing that a “one size fits all” approach is a recipe for disappointment.

So it is really all about you. You’re the center of our attention, and we like what we see.