Who We Are

What's In a Name?

So, what’s in a name?  

When a brand name becomes the icon of their industry, logic would tell you to stick with it. 

That’s what we’ve done at Marion Process Solutions for over 75 years, and our customers have rewarded us with the privilege to serve them time and time again.  With many customers still benefiting from their original mixer after 30+ years, it leaves little doubt why our repeat business rate is over 90%.  In fact, numerous customers have over 20 mixers in service throughout the world.

Call them loyal.  Call them frugal.  Call them consistent. 

We simply call them smart.

Because companies that lead their industry choose to partner with the very best.  They demand that their solution providers are the experts in their field, and that they never stand still in their quest to add greater value.  Anything less and you quickly become irrelevant. 

So when you’ve been in business for over 7 decades, with solutions in 70 countries spanning 6 continents ironically enough, the word irrelevant becomes… irrelevant.

And in our quest to add greater value for our customers, we’re reinventing our enterprise in the process.  We aren’t standing still - in fact, we’re sprinting right alongside our customers to create new value that is changing the game as the premier solutions provider in the process industry.

While we are known as the go to name for horizontal mixing and blending equipment- we’re more than just mixers.  Think microwave, moving floors, intelligent controls, and mixer design that was once unimaginable.  We have become the go-to process experts for premier customers around the globe.  We are thought leaders in innovation, consistently delivering new approaches to age-old problems.  And we are the standard of excellence in quality design, craftsmanship, and performance by which all other providers are measured.

So welcome to Marion Process Solutions.  Our legacy serves as a strong foundation upon which to build, and our hope is that you have high expectations of what’s next.

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One Goal

So what is Marion Process Solution’s “One Goal?” 

Here it is:  Combine our many years of insight to drive continuous innovation, focused on creating a competitive advantage for our customers that helps them win in the marketplace.

Lofty?  Of course.  But seriously - who wants to associate with a company that only exists to hold serve?  The Marion Process Solutions team wants to surround ourselves with the very best, and be continuously challenged.  We’ve been seeing challenges disguised as opportunities since 1938, and our clients understand how this can-do spirit transfers directly to their business through excellent solutions for the long haul. 

How do we go about creating competitive advantage?  Three simple words…

Insight.  Innovation.  Advantage.  There’s a power created through the combination of these actions – all channeled to creating competitive advantage.  Let’s look at each in detail:

We believe providing insight is good business.  One would think that after more than 75 years of creating excellence for our clients that we’d have this down pat.  In fact, it’s our team’s learning spirit that keeps us grounded – always looking for a better way to create value.  Our engineering team, combined with our Sales Champions (your in-house experts on the sales side) and our independent rep network are all aligned to create a holistic solution that isn’t solely price driven – it’s value designed.

Add in the finest fabricators and machinists in the industry with over 175 years of combined experience, and the insight that is brought to the table is astounding. Channel this insight with the mantra of, “How do we create competitive advantage in this solution?” and the value to our clients jumps off the charts.

We believe delivering innovation is must business.  Innovation - it’s an overused word, and it sounds so simple to create.  But innovation is nothing but an invention if it does not produce sustainable value.  When the Marion Process Solutions team creates new out of nothing, if we can’t answer the question, “How does this help our client create space between themselves and their competitors?” the solution is meaningless.

When we can state with conviction, “Here’s how!” we proceed, always pointing to a measurable return on investment for our clients.  You see, today’s competitive world does not have enough wiggle-room to spend sloppy money on the next cool trend.  Everything must create advantage, and our clients are counting on us to widen that space and do so with consistency and excellence.  It’s a responsibility that we embrace with wholehearted enthusiasm.


We believe creating advantage is our business.  This isn’t the Olympics.  In the world of business, no one gets recognized for second place.  Marion Process Solutions is an asset to our clients only when we create an advantage that helps them win in the marketplace.  And here’s how.  By custom designing, building, and servicing process solutions that provide superior cost of ownership through performance.  If our solutions save dollars by being more efficient, using less energy, processing faster, providing higher up-time, and/or reducing labor hours, those dollars are invested elsewhere in our client’s pursuit of winning.  At Marion Process Solutions, we believe that when we create a competitive advantage, our customers smile for years.

And so do we.

One Team

We exist to create an competitive advantage for our customers.  That’s it – our reason for doing what we do.

But this simple sentence is so rich that it gives our team a vision that creates incredible energy, optimism, pride, and most importantly – fun.

We are a team dedicated to our customers, suppliers, our community, and fellow teammates.   We understand the importance of a humble spirit combined with a healthy confidence.  We give back before we expect to receive, and believe that one of the best investments we can make is in our local community.  We’re also a team that holds each other accountable to be well grounded, knowing that when life is in good balance, excellence is the by-product.  And we celebrate success together, acknowledging that there’s power in the word t-e-a-m.

We want to be an irresistible company that continually attracts top talent. Through the power of employee engagement, we are striving to create an environment that allows our teammates to give 100% effort to their responsibilities here at work, yet still have enough left in the tank to give the very best of who they are to their families when they return home.

Our wellness program is enhancing the health habits of many on our team, and our paid volunteer days are a highlight in giving back to our precious community here in Marion, Iowa and the surrounding area.  And when a business is comprised of such exceptional teammates of character, it’s a natural to empower and support them with the tools, training, and guidance that help them grow in all facets of life. 

We make our product right here in Marion, Iowa.  Our fabricators and machinists build their machines from scratch, and they own the result from start to finish.  In fact, they even sign the machine before it leaves our dock, and they sign it with American-made pride that lifts all hearts.

Lastly - we tell each other first, put our name on it, consider it done, and all hearts are in the right place.  These values translate into respect for others, pride in our performance, integrity, and trust – attributes that are in abundance within the family that is Marion Process Solutions.

So, it’s all about our people, and it’s why we’ve been able to serve exceptional talent like Dave Graham for 42 years.  It’s also why we’re able to attract top talent like Dale Schumann – a fresh minded engineer with tremendous career aspirations coupled with a learning spirit. 

We are Marion Process Solutions – striving to be the team that creates an exceptional experience for everyone we touch.