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Marion Momentum Series

Moving forward with you. Industrial mixing never stands still, and Marion Process Solution has remained a leader for more than 80 years by growing and developing with its customers. The latest product line from Marion, the Momentum Series, provides an even wider range of products than ever before, all made in the USA with our expert craftsmanship. Introducing the Fluidizing Paddle Mixer, the V Cone Blender, the Double-Cone Blender and the NEW Lump Breaker. Share the Momentum.

Momentum Series: Mixers and Blenders Made the Marion Way

Marion’s Momentum Series of equipment allows you to enjoy Marion quality and service for more of your mixing needs. Classic designs such as the V Cone Blender and Double-Cone Blender provide you options for replacing old equipment without any changes in your production line. The Fluidizing Paddle Mixer dramatically reduces your mix times while maintaining low operational costs. Finally, the Lump Breaker makes sure everything goes smoothly by reducing particle size and breaking up agglomerated or oversized materials. Marion quality means your production line will easily pass compliance requirements for consumables and medical applications. Welded joints and paddles, customized details and food-grade materials make the difference between a Marion and the competition. Put simply: Marion gives you peace of mind. Let’s move forward together.

Some mixes start with fine particles, but others contain ingredients that are clumped or too large for the desired mix textures. The Lump Breaker mechanically breaks agglomerates and clumps and grinds solids to a maximum size for further processing.

The V-Cone Blender expands Marion’s product line to provide a classic design for nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and other free-flowing materials with uniform particle size. For producers who want to benefit from Marion’s superior quality and customized solutions, but who don’t want to make changes to the production line, the V-Cone can be the perfect fit.

Marion’s Double-Cone Blender provides a great fit for coffee, teas, pharmaceuticals, glass and ceramic mixing. Tumble blending offers a low-impact motion, which is particularly good for abrasive solids and gentle mixes. Adding flavoring or trace supplements is a specialty for the Double-Cone Blender.

For fast and gentle mixing, Marion’s Fluidizing Paddle Mixer uses large paddles with two-directional sweeping motions to create a fluidizing bed. Minimizing direct contact with the paddles, material is swept by the moving air pushed outwards and inwards in fluid mixing movements. The result is a mixer perfectly designed for delicate materials.

If you’re in the market for mixing equipment, it’s important to ask the right questions and understand the fundamentals of mixer design. With this insight, you can ensure your mixer will be designed to suit your processing needs. Marion’s Mixing Handbook is the place to start when selecting an industrial mixer for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, biomass, and mineral applications.