Thermal processing is vital in food, pharma, chemical, biomass, cannabis, hemp, and mineral applications, relying on direct or indirect heating methods to change the temperature of a material and alter its state in some way. In many thermal process applications, the drying technology must be extremely precise, and Marion solutions offer uniform heat generation and the ability to efficiently control the operating temperature and moisture content. Tap into our expertise and learn more about the various advantages and disadvantages of different thermal technologies in our Thermal Processing Handbook.

WaveMix: Combining Waves with Motion




In both direct and indirect thermal technology, achieving consistent drying output is essential. For that reason, mixing during the drying process provides a significantly superior outcome. Not only does mixing provide even drying throughout the mix, but it also can speed mixing times. Marion has leveraged its mixing expertise in conjunction with its microwave dryer. We call it WaveMix™.

WaveMix represents the new wave in thermal processing technology that combines microwave, vacuum and mixing. Wavemix unlocks your potential by using microwave energy to generate returns in your application. Our insight has proven that an agitated bed of material is key to industrial microwave processing of powders, granulars and slurries. No hot spots. No long waits. In short, no worries.

Microwave heating of a fluid bed of product creates the advantage of shorter processing time, uniform material temperature (no scorching), and the flexibility to operate under pressure, vacuum and/or nitrogen blanket. With WaveMix, your return on investment is easily calculated as test results translate directly into production equipment. Connect with Marion to explore WaveMix as your superior solution.

WaveMix benefits include:

  • Shorter processing time
  • High total efficiency of energy
  • Eliminates burning
  • No case hardening
  • Material heated and dried directly
  • Instant power controlMINI.jpg
  • No warm-up or cool-down needed
Sample applications:
  • Powder Drying
  • Finish Dryer
  • Remove Solvents
  • Microbial Reduction
  • Low Temperature Drying
  • Change of State
  • Dehydration
  • Bonding
  • Thawing
  • Extraction

The WaveMix technology combines drying and mixing. You can find out more about thermal processing in general by downloading the Thermal Processing Handbook. Read below this section to see the advantages of WaveMix over other technologies.



WaveMixLogo w MINI.jpg

What if?  This simple two-word question has been the rocket fuel for research and development since the beginning of time.  Meet Mini, Marion's R&D-sized microwave, vacuum and mixing system.  Think of it as your test lab's killer app, allowing you to unlock the potential of your product, chart an entirely new course altogether or just give you an answer to "What if?".  Better, faster, game-changing, cool, versatile, innovative, magical, brilliant and awesome - this is the feedback WaveMix Mini is generating in labs around the world.  What word will you use to describe the results you achieve with Mini?

Key features include:

  • Volume of paddle mixer:  .6 cuft / 4.5 Gal / 17 liter
  • Microwave generator output:  300-3,000 Watts
  • Auxiliary mode of heating:  ASME rated dimpled steam jacket 
  • Maximum vacuum level:  80 Torr
  • Product contact surfaces:  T304 32 Ra / Food Grade FKM / Food Grade PTFE
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Don’t let your profits get hung out to dry by curing your hemp products or cannabis products the old fashioned way. With WaveMix™ microwave drying technology, your cannabis product goes from wet to dry in three hours or less. Marion brings over 80 years of processing experience to this emerging market, creating a competitive advantage for hemp and cannabis growers. You gain control of every variable in the drying process, which creates a consistent outcome…harvest after harvest.

Key features include:

  • Batch sizes range from 600-3,000 lbs
  • Dry hemp or cannabis up to 99.5% faster than natural drying processes
  • Drastically reduced footprint (900 sq ft) compared to traditional drying rooms (10,000+ sq ft)
  • Save money on HVAC, water treatment, risk mitigation, and more
  • Eliminate material loss
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Eliminates burning
  • No case hardening
  • Instant power control

The difference is in the details

Drying 3,000 lbs of hemp or cannabis in a matter of minutes might seem like magic, but there’s some serious science behind it. Depending on the size of WaveMix machine you choose, the variables will change. But the incredible outcome is always constant — perfectly dried product that is ready for extraction faster than ever before.


Capacity 60cf 100cf 200cf 400cf
Material Temperature Degree F 120-165 120-165 120-165 120-165
Maximum Machine Temp Degree F 350 350 350 350
Temperature Sensor Infrared & RTD Measurement Infrared & RTD Measurement Infrared & RTD Measurement Infrared & RTD Measurement
Machine Materials T304 Stainless Steel T304 Stainless Steel T304 Stainless Steel T304 Stainless Steel
Electrical Requirements 3PH 480V 50/60Hz 3PH 480V 50/60Hz 3PH 480V 50/60Hz 3PH 480V 50/60Hz
Initial Wet Material Weight (75% moisture) 1,200 2,000 4,000 8,000
Rate of Water Removal (lbs/hr) 186.5 186.4 372.3 744.6
Final Dry Material Weight (10% moisture) 333 556 1,111 2,222
Total Dry Time (hrs) 4.65 7.75 7.76 7.76
Dried Material Rate (lbs/hr) 71.6 71.7 143.2 286.2

Learn more about cannabis thermal processing in our blog, Cannabis Processing: The Importance of Thermal Processing Equipment. And check out our blog on the 5 Things to Look for in Your Hemp Drying Equipment for more information on choosing the right equipment for your cannabis and hemp products. Interested in learning more about our WaveMix Cannabis product? Check out our Cannabis brochure or Download this product sheet! Or, reach out to us directly about WaveMix Cannabis here.

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Comparison of WaveMix to other thermal processing methods

WaveMix™ was designed to address the market demands for fast, accurate and sanitary drying and mixing. As compared with indirect heating methods, microwave drying offers the following benefits.


  • Time savings: WaveMix reduces the drying times compared to other thermal processing methods.
  • Repeatable results: By creating a fluidized bed through mechanical agitation, the materials are exposed to even heat distribution.
  • Precise control: Temperature is measured at multiple locations in the vessel allowing for real-time adjustment through the process.
  • Moisture content management: By managing the heating profile, the moisture content can be effectively controlled.
  • Energy optimization: Compared to indirect drying, WaveMix uses less energy because of the faster processing times.
  • Unmatched versatility: With the ability to control the boiling point of materials and heat moment-by-moment, WaveMix places the operator in full control of the application where indirect dryers fall short.
  • No case hardening: While indirect heating methods can cause the outer surface of a particle to be harder than the internal consistency, microwave processing eliminates this problem.
  • Eliminate material loss: Tight control removes the opportunity for batches to be ruined due to burning, overcooking or undercooking.
  • Quality results: WaveMix™ maintains flavor, color and other desirable characteristics of the materials being processed.
  • Safety: People and other equipment are in a safe operating environment due to the low external machine temperature, and the numerous radio frequency safeguards.
  • Gentle processing: Being able to precisely control temperature and agitation allows the handling of delicate, thermolabile, crystalized, nano and other types of sensitive materials.
  • Small and trial batches: WaveMix™ Mini can be utilized for laboratory testing, R&D and small batch processing.
  • Flexibility: The WaveMix™ technology is appropriate for materials that are neither perfect electrical conductors nor perfect electrical insulators.

One of the most common applications for the WaveMix is in working with foods, because of the need to retain the taste, smell and nutritional value of food products. In the next section, we go deeper into the specifics of why food processors are increasingly adopting microwave mixers and microwave drying technology.

Microwave dryer for food

The combination of a microwave mixer and microwave dryer provides particularly high value in the processing of precision mixes, such as in food processing, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and chemicals of a variety of types. Microwave is also appropriate for powder drying for anything from chemicals to powdered metals and consumables. Unlike indirect thermal technology, microwave is a direct thermal processing methodology that provides a level of precision that is simply impossible with indirect dryers.


What makes WaveMix unique is the ability to process heat-sensitive products. For example, when it comes to food, excess heat can cause deterioration in the nutritional value, color and aroma of the products. Dried fruits and vegetables processed through a microwave dryer with vacuum retain a superior flavor, aroma and color compared to other drying methods. The reason is simple: vacuum allows the reduction of the boiling point and the microwave provides direct heat.

Superior quality is just one reason to use microwave mixing and microwave thermal processing for food products. Another essential ingredient is ensuring pristine sanitation of the machines. Violation of sanitary standards is expensive. The average cost of a recall to a food company is $10 million in direct costs, according to a joint industry study by the Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association. For that reason, when working with food, it’s important to make sure that mixing and drying equipment maintains 3-A Authorization. Meeting sanitary requirements also means that it’s faster and easier for staff to clean a WaveMix system. Some kinds of powder mixing leave a residue that is hardly visible, but with the right equipment, you can easily clean and maintain safety standards, providing a product that is safe for human consumption. Microwave is also extremely effective in eliminating any bacterial contamination with the direct heating methodology.

Microwave mixing and powder drying

In addition to foods, powders are another application where WaveMix provides results that had been impossible with other drying technology, reaching much lower moisture levels without degrading the quality of heat-sensitive material. In the chemical, biomass and pharmaceutical industries, processors are finding they can create new formulations with the help of this breakthrough technology.

When it comes to working with powders, mixing and drying together saves time and creates more consistent mixes for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and chemical applications. Powder drying with microwave offers a high level of flexibility in mixing and drying a variety of powders for the consumer market.

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