Educational e-books and webinars

There is a lot of information out there, so we appreciate you coming to us. We’ve prepared educational e-books and webinars with experts to help you make informed decisions. Want to learn everything about thermal processing? We have that handbook—with all the different types, pros and cons of each! Mixers got you all mixed up about what to pick? We have a full breakdown of agitators and more to help you better make the right choice for your application. See below, and if none of these (or our blogs!) answer your questions, reach out directly—we can’t wait to Connect!

Handbooks & Guides

Choosing the Right Industrial Mixer
Industrial Mixers: Processing with Precision for Every Application

We’ve been in the mixer business for more than 80 years, so let us break it down for you. Check out the Industrial Mixer Handbook, where we’ve compiled our knowledge so you can make a wise decision for your company and your application.

Food Industry Considerations
Industrial Food Mixing Application Guide: Choosing the Right Mixer for Each Food Processing Application

Learn how to choose the right mixer for the bakery, coffee, nutraceutical and ready-to-eat verticals plus ways to improve sanitary conditions with the right seals, gaskets and replaceable parts in our Industrial Food Mixing Guide.

Learn more about one of our newest products supporting the cannabis industry
WaveMix™ Cannabis Product Brochure

Learn more about our newest product that uses direct heating for cannabis. Compared to air drying, with microwave processing from Marion, there are a lot of benefits.


Pursuit of Dryness

Get exclusive thermal processing information from our Thermal Drying Industry Expert, James Schak. Learn about the different forms of drying and what may be best for your application in this highly attended webinar co-hosted with our sister company, Kason Corporation.

Say No to the 5-Second Rule

When it comes to safety and compliance, the 5-second rule just doesn’t cut it. Listen in on this webinar to learn about food safety, compliance and design consideration, hosted by the experts in food screening, sifting, mixing and blending.