Parts & Services

You bought a Marion - excellent choice! Based on Marion’s quality, dependability and value it was an easy decision, right? Now comes the hard part: supporting the continual demands of your production environment. Relax. Along with the Marion equipment, you chose the Marion Performance Group... the team who will be making your purchasing decision look good for decades to come.


With Marion Performance Group, we welcome you to work with us for Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and Site Acceptance Tests (SAT). Have you ever been in a situation where the installation team blames the manufacturer and the manufacturer blames the installer? Yeah, we know. That’s why MPG will work with you throughout the entire installation of your process solution. We crave the responsibility—that’s how we can make sure you are completely satisfied from day one of our relationship.

Oh, you didn't buy a Marion? Hmm. Well, we're not going to say I told you so, but now you know why it's the little things like door gaskets that make all the difference. And, it's why the Marion Performance Group still has the parts, services and processing solutions that will help you optimize even your non-Marion equipment. We'll also help you understand why you'll want to buy a Marion the next time. Seriously.




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Today's competitive market demands performance, from your equipment, your team and from you.  Sometimes the difference between success and failure depends on the availability of a single part, or maybe the availability of an engineer or field tech with the ability to keep your equipment performing reliably.  Marion Performance Group understands the importance of performance; that's why we chose it as our middle name.

Key highlights include:
  • Factory original parts - most available for same-day shipment
  • On-site installation and configuration
  • Engineering support
  • Processing expertise
  • Experienced field service technicians
  • Factory or field refurbishment programs available

Read below to learn more on how we can help add efficiency and performance into your process equipment.




You can measure the cost of a replacement part, or the cost of a service call, or maybe even the cost of downtime, but can you measure the worth of peace of mind?  Yeah, us neither.  Marion Performance Group can't promise you that it won't rain the whole week of your vacation, or that your kid will behave at school... but let's be crystal clear - as your competitive advantage, we take your business very seriously.  We can promise you that we've got the parts, services and technical ability to optimize your processing equipment.  If our standard PM programs don't fit your needs, we'll be happy to customize one that does.

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Marion Performance Group: Superior performance, superior results


Marion Performance Group (MPG) provides the aftermarket services that give you the best performance over the lifetime of your equipment. Your relationship with Marion doesn’t end when we ship your mixer or thermal processing equipment; that’s just the start. We know a small tweak to a mixer can mean the difference in performance that saves thousands of dollars over the course of a year in everything from lowered energy costs through elimination of material loss.

The demands of a production environment can change at any time, and we are your partners in ensuring top performance; that’s why we call ourselves the Performance Group. It’s not just about service and maintenance: it’s about optimizing your investment. Yes, our machines meet performance and sanitary standards coming out of the factory, but regular maintenance and inspection gives the final touch that maintains those standards year after year, for the entire lifetime of the machine.

Our equipment is designed to last decades, just like our relationship with our customers. It’s our greatest pleasure to see our equipment working well for the companies that put their trust in us. For that purpose, we provide a wide range of aftermarket services based on our 80 years of experience with servicing, upgrading and configuring equipment for our clients.

Each customer is different, so MPG designs a customized service agreement that fits perfectly. Among the services we provide:

  • On-site installation and configuration.
  • Routine maintenance.
  • Replacement parts, both new and refurbished.
  • Engineering support for any issues that arise in the manufacturing process, inflow and outflow, energy and sanitation requirements, etc.
  • Annual site visits to assess and optimize performance.
  • Needs assessments as you grow, diversify or develop new products.
  • Processing expertise in similar fields, and the ability to apply that expertise to your production lines.
  • Suggestions and updates, based on industry trends, laboratory tests and knowledge gained from industry best practices.
  • Configuration and optimization for new materials, formulations and technologies entering the markets.
  • Collaboration with Marion Test Labs for testing different methodologies and formulae.
  • Sanitary standards inspections and training for staff.

In today’s market, new technology and products come onto the market every day. With equipment that is designed to last several decades, you are sure to need changes that optimize your production line as you change the materials and mixes you work with to keep up with market demand. The MPG team is here to make sure that your systems are doing the best possible job in supporting you and helping you maintain a competitive advantage in your market.

Extend the Life of Equipment through Repurposing and Renewing Mixers


Upgrading, refurbishing or repurposing an old mixer is a great way to extend the life of your mixer for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. Often, it’s difficult to tear out and replace a mixer in a complex installation, or you can’t afford the downtime involved in putting in a fully new mixer. Another common reason for upgrading is to improve the overall environment in your factory. Refurbishing doors, installing replaceable gaskets and improving seals are all ways you can minimize air contamination. There’s no reason to put up with hazards to your employees’ health or combustible powders in the air.

Marion can replace agitators, motors and other parts that suffer wear-and-tear over time. Even if it’s not a Marion mixer you purchased—we can almost always provide an upgrade designed especially for your needs.

Repurposing can involve replacement of paddle, ribbon or hybrid agitators with another type of agitator based on your changing needs. A new agitator can add a decade to the lifetime of an old machine or take a perfectly good machine with the wrong motion for your product line and repurpose it for a minimal investment.

Whatever improvements you need in performance, MPS provides superior service solutions for your processing equipment.