Parts & Services

You bought a Marion - excellent choice!  Based on quality, dependability and value it was an easy decision, right?  Now comes the hard part, the continual demands of your production environment.  Relax.  Along with the Marion equipment, you chose the Marion Performance Group... the team who will be making your purchasing decision look good decades from now.

Oh, you didn't buy a Marion?  Hhmm.  Well, we're not going to say I told you so, but now you know why it's the little things like door gaskets that make all the difference.  And, it's why the Marion Performance Group still has the parts, services and processing solutions that will help you optimize even your non-Marion equipment.  We'll also help you understand why you'll want to buy a Marion the next time.  Seriously.




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Today's competitive market demands performance, from your equipment, your team and from you.  Sometimes the difference between success and failure depends on the availability of a single part, or maybe the availability of an engineer or field tech with the ability to keep your equipment performing reliably.  Marion Performance Group understands the importance of performance; that's why we chose it as our middle name.

Key highlights include:

  • Factory original parts - most available for same-day shipment
  • On-site installation and configuration
  • Engineering support
  • Processing expertise
  • Experienced field service technicians
  • Factory or field refurbishment programs available

TAP INTO THE MARION ADVANTAGE:  For parts, service, refurbishment or a custom-tailored maintenance plan, Connect with us.




You can measure the cost of a replacement part, or the cost of a service call, or maybe even the cost of downtime, but can you measure the worth of peace of mind?  Yeah, us neither.  Marion Performance Group can't promise you that it won't rain the whole week of your vacation, or that your kid will behave at school... but let's be crystal clear - as your competitive advantage, we take your business very seriously.  We can promise you that we've got the parts, services and technical ability to optimize your processing equipment.  If our standard PM programs don't fit your needs, we'll be happy to customize one that does.

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