The new wave in industrial mixing, heating and drying - Wavemix unlocks your potential by using microwaves to generate returns in your application.  Our insight has proven that an agitated bed of material is key to the microwave processing of powders, granulars and slurries.  No hot spots.  No long waits.  In short, no worries.   

WaveMix:  Combining Waves with Motion



Thermal processing is vital to many food and chemical applications. Microwaving a fluid bed of product creates the advantage of shorter processing time, uniform material temperature and the flexibility to operate under pressure, vacuum, and/or nitrogen blanket.  With Wavemix, your return on investment is easily calculated as test results translate directly into production equipment.  Connect with Marion to explore Wavemix as your superior solution.  

WaveMix benefits include:  

  • Shorter processing time
  • High total efficiency of energy
  • Eliminates burning
  • No case hardening
Sample applications:

  • Powder Drying
  • Finish Dryer
  • Remove Solvents 
  • Microbial Reduction
  • Low Temperature Drying
  • Change of State
  • Dehydration

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