You need product to go from Point A to Point B in a steady state.  You also need to move it economically without breaking the bank in up-front investment coupled with ongoing energy and maintenance costs.  And, you need a solution that runs like clockwork, right?


MassFlow: Steady, Reliable, Affordable



As the biomass industry continues to gain traction, Marion Process Solutions has been inundated with requests to provide an effective solution to move and measure product.  Our expertise in the mixing arena has proven to be a tremendous asset in the custom-design and manufacturing of equipment supporting numerous applications in loader and conveyor feeding, live bottom feed hoppers, and live floor feed hoppers.  If you need assistance with your moving needs, Marion has your answer.  Click on the tabs above for more details on these innovative solutions.

Key highlights include:

  • Custom-designed to meet your specific needs
  • Variable speed controls
  • Metering of concentrated liquids or solids
  • Replaceable components

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