The Joy of Gratitude

Nov 14, 2016

It’s November, which brings with it Thanksgiving – and what a wonderful holiday it is.  Thanksgiving is a homecoming for those who’ve been away - we break bread together with precious family and friends to catch up and share stories.  And some of us habitually watch a meaningless Detroit Lions game only because it serves as the perfect “white noise” for that afternoon nap to sleep off some of those calories from the Thanksgiving banquet.

But just as importantly, it slows us down for a few days.  It helps us clear our heads after sprinting through summer and fall supporting our families, loving on our kids, bringing our A-game to work, and dealing with the inevitable surprises of life and the highs and lows that come with it.  Simply put, we get to catch our breath, and in doing so we also are awarded the opportunity to ponder the many blessings that truly make our journeys so incredibly rich.

So it is in this spirit, and on behalf of the team at Marion Process Solutions that I share a few of the many blessings we are celebrating together.  As teammates on our collective journey, we are continually reminded of the joy we experience in the fact that…

  • We get to serve fantastic customers.  Customers that lead their industries and expect us to the do the same.  Customers that make us proud to call them “Partners in Success,” because they are exceptional people within their exceptional enterprises.
  • We get to hang around teammates of the highest character and capability who also like to have fun.  Teammates who raise each others’ game, and view excellence as the only mark worthy of pursuit.  We work hard, learn from each other, and celebrate victories not just at work, but more importantly – the wins at home with our families.
  • We get to surround ourselves with incredible partners.  Marion’s independent representatives are in lock-step with our values, and their professionalism, know-how, and can-do spirit inspires us daily.  And our suppliers are an extension of our “exceptional experience” mantra, constantly helping us deliver superior performance to our distinct clientele.
  • We are privileged to work and live in a wonderful community.  A community that takes great pride in helping each other out while building each other up (the recent flood in Cedar Rapids is case in point).  It’s the norm here in the “Creative Corridor” and it shines brightly – each and every day.
  • We get to give back.  The “Our Story” campaign is supporting 17 unique local charities, hand-picked by every Marion teammate.   Because we know that when our hearts are aligned with the needs of the community, good things happen.  It’s worked for 78 years, and it’ll do so for 78 more – we have no doubt.

So when we sit around our tables this Thanksgiving and say grace, it will be with humble hearts, joy, and gratitude for the journey past, the opportunities present, and the amazing future that lies ahead. 

And we thank you for crossing our path – you are making our journey here at Marion a very special one.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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