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Jun 21, 2016

At Marion Process Solutions, we define “Innovation” by delivering unique solutions that create a competitive advantage for our customers.   However, too often in the marketplace, the word innovation is misused to describe something new but otherwise unproven, an invention, or even worse, a solution looking for a problem to solve.  True innovation can be revolutionary, or it may also occur by simply fine-tuning a current product to make it even better.  Case in point, let’s take a look at Marion’s new Cable Management system.    

The Cable Management System is a series of brackets that are welded on, utilizing quick disconnects to allow customers to easily remove and reattach air lines and other electrical cables.  Our simplicity of design enables the user to easily maintain and clean all lines especially in environments where sanitation is a concern.  Streamlining the cable routing on our units allows our customers to keep their focus where it should be… on their end-product.  

cable.jpgmixer render.jpg

Big or small, every innovation at Marion must provide true value.  And, our customers rely on Marion’s 75 years of experience to drive innovation that creates space between themselves and their competitors today and for years to come. 









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