PTXI 2016 Recap

May 23, 2016

PTXI 2016 is officially in the books.  For those clients and guests who visited the Marion booth, we are honored by the time you spent with us.  From the conversations had, it seemed like the overwhelming majority of attendees were there in support of active projects that they were searching for assistance with.  This year the Marion team debuted a new booth and literature reflective of our expanded set of product solutions.  And while our tradeshow material might be temporarily tucked away, here are a few lingering thoughts from our time in Rosemont….

  • You can still spot quality equipment from a mile away
  • Integration is a must – seamless integration sets you apart
  • You can’t solve unique problems with off-the-shelf equipment
  • Experience matters
  • Experience coupled with great insight matters more
  • Our WaveMix microwave drying equipment is a game-changer
  • Valve companies like to have more fun that we gave them credit for



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